The Challenge:

It is no news that authentic, relevant and sufficiently long copy is by far the most important SEO tool for any website. That leads to one or two problems, though: On the one hand, creating good content means putting in a lot of work, on a regular basis and over an extended period of time. On the other hand, some people had to realise that good content cannot be produced by ever-changing armies of interns whose sole training on the job was how to operate the coffee machine, as it was to some extent possible in the time of ‘dumb’ Search Engine Optimisation. Long since Google has become a lot more clever and, unlike some SEO managers of old, has learned to tell the difference between copy that actually provides information relevant for what the user is looking for, and meaningless keyword dumps that were written to please algorithms and bots rather than human beings.

Of course, no one knows your company, your brand, your products and your services better than you do yourself. So, ideally, you would write all your website content yourself. But who has the time for that?


The Solution:

So, in reality, you will have to outsource the creation of content. But not to just anyone, you want to find someone who is an expert in the required field AND an expert in creating high quality content. Or, even better, you outsource to someone who is willing to either become that expert for you or to find the best people for the job. That’s exactly what Content21 does.

A solid journalistic background, coupled with professional curiosity and a constant appetite for new knowledge, means we can become experts in many fields pretty quick. And if that should not be good enough, or quick enough, we know where to find the right experts and talent. Trust us.





Services provided by Content21:

Creating a Content Strategy that suits you, your goals and your budget

Content Creation, Overseeing the Content Team

Editorial Management of all required Content Channels, including Social Media, Quality Control

Info graphics, photography, video as needed

Concept, Design and Programming of simple blogs and websites (on request)


Services provided by our Talent Network:

Freelance Content Creators and authors

Web Design, Coding etc.