The Challenge

In only 10 years a young distribution company from southern Germany established themselves as a force to be reckoned with within a very demanding market. Their success ist mostly based on being different and doing things differently than their established competition. They understand that their business is not only to deal in goods but also to provide knowledge and support for their customers. And that this requires a strong relationship with those customers on a professional and personal level. For this approach to work, the company brought together a team of dedicated professionals and unique personalities that fulfill their positions with true passion. Work hard, Play hard, Sleep, Repeat …

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this remarkable success story the client wanted to tell the company’s special spirit in a bi-lingual (German/English) magazine that would be sent out to customers and business partners around the world.


The Solution:

Rock ‘n’ Roll meets Professionalism, clear design, contemporary imagery and authentic content. Readers hear it first hand from the people who know best: customers, business associates and ‘partners in crime’ over the last decade. But also the company’s staff get their fair share of attention, as it was also the client’s intention to celebrate those who put in the hard work over the preceding 10 years.

To be able to write genuine and authentic stories editor-in-chief Olaf Adam travelled extensively across Germany, Europe and even the US to meet and interview stakeholders, to research in-depth case-studies and to feel the unique vibe of the client.

The particular challenges of creating a bi-lingual magazine that feels and reads like any other magazine the reader would read in his or her language were considered from the very beginning of the process. The design was carefully chosen so that it would provide an equally satisfying experience for readers of both languages, without giving preference to either. As a consequence, both language versions of the content were written by the author as independent pieces (instead of using outsourced translations) and meticulously edited in the layout to accommodate the inherent differences in word lengths etc. Only then the articles were sent off to external copy editors, of course both native speakers of the language in question.

The result is a truly unique magazine that received very positive feedback, not only from the client and the business associates featured in it but also from the entire industry.





Services Provided by Content21:

Development of the entire project from first idea to finished product

Project Management, Planning and Production

Interviews, Copy Writing (de/en) and Overseeing of Editorial Content, Photography


Services Provided by our Talent Network:

Layout and Design: neopink Kreativagentur Natascha Emonts

Additional Photography (Vivateq-Team & Cover): Martina Wörz

Copy-Editing: Sarina Stützer, Melissa Haskin


Some Numbers:

Size: 285 x 210 mm

Pages: 56 Seiten

Print Run: 20.000 Ex.


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