The Challenge:

How to communicate complex information in an easy way? How to reach your customers exactly where they are looking for information? How to establish a personal relationship with your audience in the digital age? How to get marketing messages across to people have long since learned to identify (and ignore) traditional advertising? What is the single best performing method to present products in your online shop or on Amazon?

The Solution:

There is one simple answer: video. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, and the first (and often last) stop for anyone looking for information about how stuff works or how to do something. Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest have all embraced video – because they know best what their community likes to interact with. In terms of reach, efficiency and sheer ‘shareability’ there is nothing like video. And the good thing is, you don’t need a Hollywood-sized budget to be successful in these channels.

Video is fairly easy to do when you have an interesting story to tell  – about an innovative product, about a service with unique benefits for the customer or about the latest news from your company. Somewhat more laborious, but also a lot more rewarding, are tutorial videos that explain how to do/use stuff (i.e. your product, your service, your solution …). Not only will a well-made How-To video mean better and quicker help for your customers than any printed or digital manual ever can, by doing so it also provides a very memorable positive experience and gives you near-infinite opportunities to further engage in communication with the customer. (Think Branding, After Sales Management, Lead Generation … to only name a few.) Also, last but certainly not least, some products are simply so beautiful that there’s no shame in celebrating their gorgeous design in glorious 4k-resolution.









Services provided by Content21:

  • Development from first idea to finished product, specific for targeted channels (incl. Amazon)
  • Scripts for Voice-Over, Inserts, Subtitles (de/en)
  • Project Management, Planning, Shooting (Studio or On Location) incl. light, sound & camera equipment
  • Editing, Post Production, Sound Recording (Voice Over de/en)
  • Services provided by our Talent Network:
  • Crew & additional equipment as needed
  • Special Effects, additional Post Production as needed
  • Professionell Voice Talent, additional languages as needed


  • Video: up 1080p60; AVC, H.264, Apple ProRes (4K/UHD on request)
  • Sound: Stereo, mp3, AAC, Linear PCM (Multichannel on request)