Is Promoting your Page on Facebook a Waste Of Money?

For a few days now a video of science vlogger Derek Muller aka Veritasium is creating quite some attention on the internet. In this video Derek shows – rather convincingly on first sight – that paying Facebook to promote your own Facebook page might draw in huge numbers of fake likes. At the end of the day, because of their extremely low engagement rate, this might actually dow more harm than good to your page.

When I did a quick survey of some randomly chosen German and European pages, however, I couldn’t see this phenomenon, at least not to the extent shown in Derek’s video.

This leads to the question, is this maybe predominantly a problem in certain English-speaking markets like the USA, Canada or Australia? Or has Derek taken his criticism too far and maybe described a problem that doesn’t exist or simply is far more complex?

So, if anyone has some first-hand experience with these promotions to share, let us know!

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